Full Body Relaxing Massage for Ladies, Women, Girls

Full Body Relaxing Massage for Ladies, Women, Girls

Deep Relaxation, Full Body Sensual Massage, Yoni Tantric Massage for Ladies, Women, Girls

I provide a full-body sensual relaxing massage for women in Cyprus, both sides of the body, tailored to any personal needs. You are free to embrace your sensuality and sexual energy in any way you wish without judgment or embarrassment.

The best sensual session in your personal journey.

Why women specifically request me for sensual massage:

  • To enjoy natural relaxation & pleasure.
  • For yoni massage from a male, who is genuinely experienced.
  • For happiness, joy & life experience/ self-development
  • For an experience that is focused entirely on you.
  • To celebrate a fit & healthy body whilst young.
  • To experience your body’s full sensory abilities.
  • To connect sexual freedom & spiritual self-development.
  • To explore your sensuality in safety, by your terms.
  • Issues of intimacy, confidence, sensuality or sexuality.
  • To overcome sexual or emotional fears, setbacks or trauma.
  • To overcome life fears, anxiety or depression.
  • Desiring touch during pregnancy/doula services from a male.
  • You want to understand your behavior in relationships better.
  • You want to develop better communication skills.
  • Non-specific fertility issues – You’re ‘perfectly healthy’ but can’t conceive.
  • Letting go of shame, guilt or fears from family, culture or religion.
  • …You’re happy & healthy, and just enjoy time out to relax…

During your sensual session please know you are welcome to express yourself in any way, you are also welcome to talk, and touch me if you wish.

“The erotic sensual massage in Cyprus is the most publicly recognized fantasy out of all the sexual fantasies of women. How are the erotic sensual massages for women in Cyprus? …The sensual massages for women in Cyprus are Tantric, Body to Body, Sensitive “Touch”.”

Bodywork With a Sensual Touch … Exclusively for Women

Close your eyes. Turn off your mind. And open yourself up to full-body bliss.

Discounted rates based on:
Age, Uni Students, Girls Nights
…Please just ask 🙂

Get in touch with me via a contact form or

Whatsapp / Viber / Telegram Msg: +357 9699 3280

Email Appointment: info@bestcyprusmassageforwomen.com, cyprusmassageforwomen@gmail.com